Dia Viou Anelixi is a Social Cooperative Enterprise which was found on March 2015 and its goal is the rendering of services and the practice of psychosocial, educational and consultative activities that promote the participation of the members of the local community in the social, family and professional life, in the promotion of employment, in the strengthening of the social cohesion and the strengthening of the local or regional development in an efficient and constructive way.
In order to achieve its goals, DIA VIOU ANELIXI aims in the development of any type of social, educational, cultural or developmental activities. The most specific aims through which our goal is going to be fulfilled are these:
  • the promotion of psychosocial health in the lifelong education and in the lifelong evolution of the social, professional and personal life 
  • the promotion of cooperation, of mutual support and the promotion of the simplification of the personal and family life through the development of personal, interpersonal, social and intercultural skills and relationships 
  • the invigoration of mental durability for the positive adjustment and the social integration during tough and adverse socioeconomic conditions 
  • the promotion of solidarity, of active action and of the networking of people who are overwhelmed by the modern socioeconomic reality 
  • the contribution in the professional accession and the improvement of the human resources through knowledge acquisition and the enlargement of metacognitive (learning to learn) abilities and lifelong career management skills.